Body Treatments
A wonderful accompaniment to a full body massage or a simple indulgence, these body treatments are a tranquil means to achieving detoxified and glowing skin. Pamper yourself in our blissful scrubs and wraps.

Aromatic Salt Scrub
This treatment is a stimulating and exceptionally effective body treatment. Your skin will be exfoliated with sea salts blended with wonderful fragrances and essential oils, leaving you truly invigorated. The scrub treatment is followed by a relaxing shower and the application of a soothing luxurious hydrating lotion to your body.

Herbal Scrub
Our Herbal Scrub treatment is a relaxation and exfoliation treatment that eliminates the build-up of dead cells, leaving your skin detoxified and glowing. This treatment is followed by a hot shower, and concludes with an application of hydrating lotion to your body.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap
This treatment has been used therapeutically through the ages to purify, cleanse, hydrate, and ease the aches and pains of rheumatic disorders. Emerge with cleaner, softer, rejuvenated skin. For centuries the curative powers of the mineral rich Dead Sea have been appreciated. Magnesium and potassium minerals in this mud wrap act to open the pores and draw toxins from the skin, as well as aiding in cell metabolism, re-hydrating, deep cleansing and strengthening the structure of the skin.

Traditional Herbal Wrap
The herbal wrap is one of the most popular and comforting of spa treatments available at Parma Spa. Using an assortment of purifying botanical ingredients, our therapists formulate an infusion for your enjoyment. Through detoxifying your system and relaxing your muscles, this treatment results in a sense of deep relaxation.

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