Skincare Services
Effective skin care is a science that is continuously evolving and advancing. At Parma, we utilize the very latest, scientific dermatologic findings. Our estheticians also combine both innovative and time tested therapies to enhance the skin. Treatment begins with a consultation to determine the most appropriate therapy for each client- the right choice depends on each individual clientís condition, habits, and needs. Parmaís dermatology services are based on a foundation of medical excellence and careful development of advanced skincare techniques. Enjoy our spa treatments with the added luxury of knowing we always work in a safe, sterile environment where your safety and comfort is our highest priority.

Vitamin C Facial
An intense anti-aging treatment designed to fight free radical damage at cellular level. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and brightening properties of Vitamin C provide immediately noticeable results. This treatment is excellent for sensitive or mature skin in need of strengthening.

Acne Facial
A dynamic treatment for acne prone skin, this facial uses a gentle enzyme exfoliation followed by extractions and a soothing, healing mask to reduce enlarged pores and relax inflamed skin.

Epicuren Facial
We are proud to be one of a very few centers on the east coast that carries this extraordinary skincare line. With the exclusive use of only Epicuren products, this facial promotes collagen and elastin regeneration for diminished appearance of fine lines and improvement of face skin tone. Leaving your skin toned and glowing, this facial is ideal before a special event.

Men's Executive Facial
Designed especially for men, this customized facial provides deep cleansing and toning to eliminate impurities and restore fitness and vitality to a manís complexion.

Custom Designed Facial
Allow our esthetician to consult with you, perform a thorough skin analysis, and determine the best treatment for your skin type. This facial is ideal for your first visit at Parma.

Teen Facial
This specially designed facial for youthful skin begins with a thorough skin analysis, consultation, and deep pore cleansing. A teen facial can prevent breakouts, as well promote great skincare habits, and also protect young skin from environmental damage.

Facial Peel
A more aggressive treatment, peels are used to remove the outermost layer of skin to reveal the smoother skin below. Alpha and Beta Hydroxyl Acid based peels and Glycolic peels are available at Parma. Peels will improve skin tones, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Back Cleansing Treatment
A relaxing and effective procedure that cleanses and clears the often neglected back and shoulder area. Skin is improved by loosened impactions, refined pores, and overall hydration.

Lifting Treatment
A series of micro currents in 3 pre-programmed phases that work on the epidermis, dermis, and facial muscles to reduce wrinkles and stimulate cellular regeneration. Wrinkles are smoothed and muscles regain tone.

Microdermabrasion Facial
Highly exfoliating and deep pore cleansing, this treatment improves circulation by high velocity application of micro-crystals and suction. Microdermabrasion smoothes skin texture, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and leaves the skin brightened and renewed The treatment begins with cleansing the skin, followed by the Microdermabrasion treatment, and concludes with a pure Aloe Vera based mask to calm and sooth the skin.

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