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Massage Treatments
Massage: counted the world over as a valuable relaxing and therapeutic technique is an intrinsic part of Parma therapies. Each indulgent massage service will leave you in a state of bliss.

Tibetan Massage
Dating back to the time of the Buddha, this is one of the oldest forms of massage. The concentration of the massage is on the external body, aligning the energy flow of the body, facilitating deep relaxation.

Bali Massage
This is a deep pressure massage using medium-depth strokes and pressure point manipulation to reach below the superficial muscle layers. This massage helps to balance the energy centers and improve integration of your internal systems. To complement the massage techniques, the blended oil contains properties that aid in relieving muscular tensions, thereby improving and balancing subtle energies for a heightened sense of well being.

This experience begins with deep breathing exercises to achieve a physical and mental calm. This is followed by assisted yoga postures during which massage is performed on the stretched muscle, thereby restoring balance and ease of movement.

Pre and Post Natal Massage
Massage is not only a wonderful way to relax, but it also increases your energy levels and relieves some of the discomfort encountered during pregnancy as your body adapts to constant physical, hormonal, and emotional changes. In the later trimesters of your pregnancy, you will be comfortably supported in a side-lying position, or you may remain seated during your treatment. Post-partum massage helps expedite the healing process by increasing circulation and aiding in the stabilization of hormonal balance. This massage increases energy levels and relaxes you when you need it the most.

Beauty & Aesthetics
Concierge Medicine 
Spiritual Fitness
Cosmetic Dematalogy

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